Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Daddy's Little Princess

Sorry for the shabby photos. I was trying to get the shot on the lavendar walls, but it seems like I have much more luck taking photos with natural light outside.
Anyway, this fun little painting has hearts collaged around the border and the edges are painted with lots of pretty polka dots! It measures 12 x 12" and it'll be listed in my shop later today.

Speaking of Daddy's Little Princess, look what I found yesterday:
It had gotten eerily quiet. Mom's of two year olds know this...Quiet usually means Trouble!
I called out to her, "Ava, what are you doing?" and I heard "I'm doing make-up Momma!" The make-up was my box of glitter and embossing powder. All 10 bottles that I had were dumped out on the carpet and being used as "make-up". Let me tell you, it was not easy to clean up!
Do you other mom's document your children's naughty moments? I think in a few years I may have enough to make a whole photo album worth LOL
Have a great day, and stay warm, wherever you are!


ko said...

I bet you got out your SIPPY CUP! HEHE

ko said...

oh yeah..that sign is PRECIOUS!