Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Give-Away and Shameless Promotion

I promised some pictures of our precious baby, AKA Dimples Jackson. This baby is so happy and sweet. He loves life!
And we love him! Some days I think I'm just going to eat him up!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We BBQ'ed with neighbors, went to Ashton's soccer game, and Mike went surfing while we were at church. Logan got to go to Monster Jam with his Grandpa, and I must say, I am not sorry I missed that. :) I spent a frustrating 2-3 hours today trying to solder some new pendants, but they are unfortunately not etsy-worthy. I will be working on that this week. is the give-away and shameless promotion part:

If you win, you get to pick out an 8 x 8" print, a 4 x 4" print in a cute little frame, and a magnet, all from my updated Etsy shop. That's a fun deal! Any prints you want!

So, how do you play? There are a few ways to enter.

1. You can go to my Etsy shop and check it out, come back here and leave a comment on what you would pick if you win.
2. Become one of my followers. (If you are already a follower, I will automatically enter your name once.)

3. Buy something from the Etsy shop.

4. Go to my website shop and check it out, come back here and leave a comment on what your favorite item is.

5. Order something from my website shop.

6. Send a friend over here... anytime you do any of these six things, I will enter your name again! So you've got lots of chances to win!:) Enter six times if you want to! I know there is some pretty shameless promotion going on here, but that's okay, right?;)
I will close comments on Monday, February 1st. Thanks in advance for playing.
I'll be back on Tuesday with some new art pictures.


Izzy said...

Just came across your blog the other day. I'm new at the blogger thing. "Courage" and "She danced" are my favorites... these are words from my heart. I also love the "I need color"... too many favorites.

Doda said...

Such a cute baby!
We had one of those chairs for our little one. They are so cool aren't they?
I love his dimples!!!

ko said...

u know I love EVERYTHING!! I DO really want you to make me the heart with wings......colors..purple, pink, turquoise, white, yellow, lime green...any of those colors would be FABULOUS!!! Thank you so much for doing this for me! :)
And that BEBE! Oh my..I can see how you just want to eat him up!! PRECIOUS!

Beth said...

I just love your work. If I had an opportunity to pick one of my favorites it would be "when she heard the music"
Thank you for the chance.

sara's art house said...

I love "She Couldn't Live Without Her Chocolate" Cute print!!!! Hope I win :)

Christi said...

Well...I'm a follower and I just made a purchase a few days ago that you put up special just for me. I think that counts as 2 entries. If I won I love "She Never Did Follow The Crowd" and "Wild At Heart". Actually I love them all and wish I had the $$$$ to get one of each. I love your Initial and Name item on your website but my favorite thing is your art archives. I was able to find 2 of the prints I had been wanting and order them. Yeah for me. I think that's 4 entries. Whew. Seriously, I love your stuff and need to add you to my monthly budget. I want to decorate my office with your art work.