Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tutorial-Paper word plaques

I make A LOT of these. It's a great way for me to use my scraps of wood and all the pretty scrapbooking paper I have. They make great gifts.
Try different paint colors, different words, different papers.
If you're not comfortable drawing out your own letters, type them and print them out on your home printer. Then use transfer paper and a pencil to draw them onto your scrapbooking paper.
Have fun! Let me know if you try one!


sharon said...

chrissie, this is a great little tutorial for those of us not so skilled in crafts! thanx, i may try it! (p.s. anyone with 5 children
automatically goes to heaven!)

sharon said...

how do you draw such nice clean letters?

Krissysart said...

Good morning! You're up early (just saw you on my blog). How cool are your tutorials? I love learning new methods of doing things. I'm not the greatest at figuring things out on my own so I love it when other artists 'share secrets'. Oh, and the cereal boxes for the kids? Great idea.

Chrissie Grace said...

Hi Sharon
I love experimenting with different lettering and fonts. I guess you could say I've had a lot of practice!:)

Alyssa said...

oh wow! i love this!! definitely want to try it!! great job!

kristal said...


i just found your blog through your comment on imperfectly beautiful and i love it! i have horrible experiences with mod podge. do you put it on the back of the letters and then over them after you adhere them? i know this is detailed, but i know i must be doing something wrong because my paper always seems to bubble. thanks!!

Julie said...

another idea is to print out the letters ina fun font on the back side of the scrapbookpaper and then cut them out that way - for those of us who cant draw them very well!!! i cant wait to make one of these!! thanks for the great ideas! i just found you and i cant wait to look thru all the tutorials!!

Anonymous said...

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