Wednesday, May 20, 2009

HuGe SaLe

Hi friends.
You know we've been doing major renovations in our house (still working on the bathroom, but it's coming along. I can't wait to show you some pictures.)
Anyway, I've been doing some major organizing with my art supplies and projects. I'm trying to create a little space/studio in the garage for myself.
I have A LOT of art. A LOT.
I need to downsize because I just don't have room for it all and I'd like to create space for some new pieces.
I thought I would do something different.
I'm selling a bunch of pieces for very inexpensive. When I say inexpensive, I mean I'm practically giving them away. But I'm okay with that! I love my bloggy friends and I feel like we will both win! If you are interested in any of these, please leave a comment or email me and I will put it in my etsy shop for you. All prices INCLUDE shipping. (Did I mention how much I love my bloggy friends?:)

1. Nourish Your Authenticity
12 x 5 mixed-media mosaic
$12.50 (remember, that includes shipping!)

2. A Mother's Love
5 x 12 mixed-media mosaic

3. Dream Big
5 x 12 mixed-media mosaic

4. Everything You Imagine
5 x 12 mixed-media mosaic

5. Love God
8 x 8 painting on wood
6. Pray (Sorry it's sideways)
3 1/2 x 5
$5 ( I'm not kidding)

7. I love you
6 x 7
8. Cross
5 x 7 1/2 mixed-media mosaic
9. Seek out the truth
6 x 8
10. Bloom
6 x 7 1/2 mixed-media mosaic

I hope you are having a fantastic Wednesday. There will be more tomorrow...:)


Anonymous said...

SOOOO cute!
i hope these all go to good homes! :) i wanna buy them ALL but i need to get into our new place and DOWNSIZE...see my problem? lol :)

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Cute!! Do you freehand all the lettering?

Tara said...

I want 6, 7, 8, & 9. I love them! You're so talented!

Rambling Girl said...

Heck I wanted #6...if by chance they don't get it I would love to have it...

Chrissie Grace said...

Hi Tara
I will list those 4 pieces for you in my etsy shop.
Darlene, I do freehand all the lettering!:)
Thanks ladies...

lori vliegen said...

hi chrissie! i'd love to own #1, nourish your authenticity, if it's not already taken. just let me know! :)

Chrissie Grace said...

Hi Lori
I will list it in my Etsy shop today!:)

The Howick Family said...

I want #10 if no one has snatched it up yet!