Friday, October 2, 2009

In Need of Some Inspiration?

I've been feeling bogged down lately. I am super grateful to have work and deadlines to meet, but my heart is yearning for some creative time. Free time to play.
Alas, I must remain responsible! But I stole some time today to thoroughly browse this book I bought a couple of weeks ago. It's beautiful.
This project is screaming my name! Lots of wood blocks, lots of little collected doo-dads, lots of scraps of papers and fabrics. I WILL replicate my own version in the near future.
Paper-mache bird. Cute, right?

I love this shadow box with natural elements. What a great way to display found shells and stones. This would be something fun to collaborate on with the kiddos.
I'm wondering what I would have to do to convince my husband that a tree like this needs to be painted on one of our doors.
The author also tells you how to make your own non-toxic paints and everything in the book is extremely eco-friendly. Love it!
I'm finishing up lots of to do lists and hope to have some new creative projects to share with you soon. For now, it's breathe in, breathe out...breathe in, breathe out...
Have a great weekend!


the undomesticated wife said...

I see a tree on your door in the near future! ;)

Brenda Leyland said...

Yes, 'tis so important to take time for artists dates! I don't think we allow ourselves to recognize how truly important creativity is necessary to our well-being and good health.

I wish you blocks and blocks of fun as you 'xplore through your new book. It looks wonderful!