Sunday, November 15, 2009

35 things to do before I turn 35 (MSAM)

It's Week 4 of Make Some Art Monday and our assignment was to make a list. These to-do lists are going around all over bloggy-land, and I've been wanting to make one. I won't turn 35 until June, but I'm not quite sure I'll finish this whole list by then. I sure am going to try though! I will be updating on my list so I can share my experiences with you.

1. Run a 5K
This is probably the biggest one. I really need to get my body back into good physical shape, and having this tangible goal will help keep me on track.

2. Be able to do 5 pull-ups
I can't even do one. Can you? If you can you are my hero.

3. Plant a veggie garden
My husband are researching the best way to do this for our type of climate, soil, and road distance.

4. Finish paying off all debt.
I started off last January at almost $30,000. That included student loans, car loans, credit cards, a business loan, and dental bills. As of today we are down to 16,506. By the new year we should be down to 15,000, which is half of where we were last year. However, we did also almost fully fill our emergency fund. So we have made big strides, and I want to continue our frugal savings. Thanks Dave.

5. Mosaic backsplash in kitchen

6. Do a Beth Moore study at my church

7. Make cloth baggies to replace plastic ones

8. Make cloth pads

9. Learn to use my bread machine
I bought a really nice one (I think) for $10 at a garage sale last year and still haven't used it yet.

10. Learn how to REALLY use my camera.
I took a class last year and I'm still not happy with my skills. I would like a new lens but I what I really need to do is practice!

11. 365 photos

Starting in January I'm planning on starting a new blog in which I take one photo a day.

12. Go bowling with the family

13. Play putt-putt golf with the family

14. Update all scrapbooks and photo albums
I am way behind on my kids books, and the pictures are piling up. I've got to get a handle on them!

15. Moo cards

16. Sign at least one licensing contract
I've dreamt of this for a long time, and after chasing this dream too hard, I let it go for awhile. But I still want it to happen!

17. Couples Massage
Just Mike and I

18. Contract fourth book

19. Finish my Master Bedroom quilt

20. Go on a real camp out with the kids.
I may end up regretting this one!:)

21. Weekend trip with Mike
We've been so busy having kids that we haven't gone on a trip alone in five years. So we are going to make it happen this year! (the trip, not another baby...:)

22. Bake an apple pie from scratch

23. Learn to can

24. Reach 500 sales in my Etsy shop

25. Rebuild my website

26. Art retreat
This one was hard for me. I feel like it's a very selfish one, but I would still love it.

27. Take more deep breaths.

28. Pray more.

29. Volunteer with Logan and Ashton
The last couple of years Logan and I did some volunteering together and I think Ashton is ready.

30. Go rollerblading.
I used to go with my bf Courtney all the time. I don't have rollerblades anymore, but we'll see what happens.

31. Get down to $500 a month grocery shopping.
We are currently at $600, and for feeding a family of six that's pretty good. But I know if I was better at menu planning and shopping around sales I could get it down even more.

32. Go strawberry picking.

33. Sew from a pattern.
Not a quilt though. I'd like to try an Amy Butler pattern.

34. Go to the park more.
We have a lot of nice parks pretty close by. I'd like to take advantage of them and take the kids more while the weather is nice and not too hot.

35. Start Ava and Jax college funds.

Okay, I want to see your list. Link up, but please remember the rules:

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I will not be doing MSAM next week because my kids will be out of school and we will be preparing for Thanksgiving. But I will come back next weekend with a new theme.
Okay, time to share!:)


Morgan said...

I love your list! We have the exact same goal with the debt and we are making similar strides. The grocery thing- I have a suggestion. There is a program called Coupon Sense that I have many friends cut their grocery bill in half. I use pinching your pennies because it is free and post Arizona however I don't know if they post in your area!
Thanks for the inspiration! I love seeing another follower of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing goals! The art work is beautiful! Love MOM

Beth Anderson said...

Great list - if I did one it would have to be way longer than 35 things - LOL!
Knowing you, you'll finish that list by June too.

Teresa Tysinger said...

I love this! I need to do a list for "30 By 30" which is in just over a year. I think your goals are wonderful! Good luck with everything.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I love these lists! I need to get my listing moving. (I only have until June, too!) Great idea!

luci said...

I did my list! Phew! Love all the other lists and art work too, so far. Hope some more arrive here to see x

noodle and lou said...

i'm still working on my list! AWESOME job on #4...what a great feeling!!! and no...of course i can not do a pull up. remember how horrible that was in middle school PE. ooooh the horror!!!!

thanks for the inspiration chrissie! xox...jenn

Laura said...

I read your list! I know you hit your age by now, so I hope you accomplished many of your goals!