Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lent and stuff

My husband and I both decided yesterday morning that we would give up refined sugars for Lent. So no cookies, cupcakes, cake, pie, candy until Easter. We agreed we would both use creamer in the morning with our coffee, but that was it.

On a somewhat related note, I've decided to start subbing once a week. Before I became a SAHM, I was an elementary school art teacher. I really enjoyed that job but wanted to be home for the kids when they were little. Going back to work outside the home, (even though it's on a very part-time basis) was not an easy decision. But it will help supplement our income a little and the little ones love to spend the day with their Grandparents.
When Ava and Jax came in the room yesterday dressed like this it pained me slightly to realize once again how quickly kids grow up. How the silly moments like this are so fleeting...and I realized that before I can blink my eyes they will all be in school and they won't need me quite as much.
So for Lent I have also decided to play more. To let go of the housework and the art that I love to sneak in during the day and get down on my hands and knees and PLAY more with them. Every day. Barbies. Blocks. Cars. Mommy and Baby. Zoo. Building Forts. Reading More. Playing Food. All those things that they love to do that I don't do enough with them. For the next 40 days every day. I know some of you already do that, but it slips away from me so easily.
Have a wonderful Thursday!:)


Mary said...

It does slip away so quickly. Thanks for the reminder to be more purposeful in all I do.

Hmmm, giving up sugar - I should do it for good!!!!!

hjn said...

Chrissie!!!! I visit your blog so frequently!!! I just love it!! I love that you posted the pic of your forehead with ashes from Ash Wednesday! I always feel so proud walking around town with my ashes proudly displayed! Thank you for posting it!!!! I agree with you!
Play MORE!!!!! PLAY!!!! PLAY!!! PLAY!!!!!!
mine are 12,14 and 16,,,,,,,it makes me sad!!! I miss those crazy, busy baby days!!! SO PLAY!!!!

Andrea said...

Love the idea you have to play more with your kids. They will surely have some great memories!

Catherine Anne said...

They sound great. We are doing more prayer and family time. Along with less blogging and sweets. Due to us all being very sick this week we missed mass and our cross. Great post~

luci said...

happy re-alighning and focussing. Be blessed as you meet with your children at their level during lent - I am sure you and they will love it!

Ruth said...

Precious kids~they do grow up too fast. They will remember the times you played with them. How much fun it will be and what great memories.

Good luck with the part time teaching.

Giving up refined sugar is tough these days. Each time you are tempted you can remember the ultimate sacrifice made for each of us.