Monday, March 1, 2010

Today's Post is Brought to You By the Letter "S"

1. Sewing
I finished machine quilting this...once I get the binding on I'll show you the finished quilt!
2. Dr. Suess Birthday!
Ashton went to school today with backwards and inside out clothes to celebrate the birthday of the wonderful and wacky Dr. Suess.

3. Stones
Adding river rock stones to mosaics...

4. Surprise!...another Sling
I got a call yesterday morning that someone had fallen on Logan at PE. A trip to our orthepedic doctor showed a fractured Scapula and a rib...:(
5. Snacks!
I think a fractured scapula deserves a special 7-11 treat, don't you? Of course I had to join in. Banana Slurpees and theeee best chips ever made. Yes, I did veer off my sugar-free Lent committment. But I am back on today. 100%

6. Simmering...
Thank goodness I had put chicken and dumplings in the crock-pot because when we got home from the doctors I didn't have to worry about dinner.

7. Sunshine
Last but not least, I need this print. I think everyone else in Blogland loves it too. What's not to love?

I hope your day was a little less Stressful than mine. I'm just glad everyone is safe and in bed. Now, I am off to Sleep!:)


Kim's Treasures said...

Hope your little guy feels better soon!

Tara said...

Oh man, what a day. Mine was a tad stressful too. You can read about it on my post today.
Love the river rock, slurpees, cheetos and man does that chicken and dumplin look yummy. Share the recipe?

Tara said...

Hope your lil man is better soon.

Trisha said...

Banana slurpies- wow I sure would like to try one of those. Why didn't I know about them when I lived near a 7-11? I'll have to check out Sonic and see if they have one, they sound delicious. I hope you son is feeling better- OUCH!

Feather said...

what's not to love about this post? (besides the fracture?)...slurpies, dinner already simmering, sunshine, and quilts! love the letter s today.
i found your button on whatever's blog today...i'm enjoying yours. i'll have to pick up one of your books!

sara's art house said...

Great "S" post!