Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some thoughts on food...

I haven't actually seen the movie Food Inc. (although I plan to soon). I watched an Oprah show where they spoke about the film and showed some clips from the film. It was enough to make me start really thinking about our food intake.

Have you ever considered that most of what we put in our bodies isn't really food?

The preservatives, the food colorings, the additives, the sugar and high fructose corn syrup...the food that we all feed to our kids and ourselves.

It's no wonder that most of us suffer from daily ailments: allergies, headaches, bad periods, depression and anxiety, stomach aches. We aren't eating REAL FOOD!
How is it that I'll be 35 this year and I've been eating "fake food" almost my whole life?Let me quickly add that I am by no means an expert. I am the guiltiest of guilty. I thought we were doing pretty good because we don't keep soda in the house. I only buy 100% whole wheat bread. We drink 2% milk...BUT- we have a long ways to go.

We have started with our small garden. We decided on The Easy-Care Bag Garden. You simply set out purchased bags of topsoil, cut open the bags, and plant the seeds and seedlings right in the topsoil. By the second year, it should be fully functional as a food garden with 15 vegetables and 5 herbs producing steadily from early summer to late fall. Our garden right now should yield:

  • carrots

  • cucumbers

  • spinach

  • sugar snap peas

  • 3 types of tomatoes

  • blueberries

  • strawberries

  • a papaya tree

  • basil

  • thyme

  • oregano

  • rosemary

  • sage

    A couple of other things we've done...replaced our milk with organic, bought the kids some all natural cereals (try the fruit-o's, they are good!), and introduced two more servings of vegetables a day.

Also, check out this book too. It'll get you thinking...I promise.

I'll be back soon with some art and sewing to show you.

I've been busy and I can't wait to share!:)


Crystal said...

we watched it. it changed my life FOREVER! i will do my very best to ONLY buy organic meats and dairy for sure. not only for the content of the food....but for how the animals are treated and what they are fed. what got me the most was the HORRID conditions animals are kept in...SO not how God intended us to use his precious animals. one of the more disturbing segments was about a company that makes "beef filler" is made from extra parts and treated with ammonia! they predict that their product will be in EVERY non-organic hamburger product in the near future. watch it only if you never want to think about how and where you buy your food the same way again. :)

Anonymous said...

Food Inc is a really great movie. It is a must watch! Also, watch King Corn. Another foodie movie about the things that we are eating. Great books to read are Fast Food Nation and the Omnivores Dillema.
Another amazing thing about the things that we are feeding our children is that alot of products in our food can give children symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Great stuff that inspires necessary change to a family's diet. :]

Rhonda said...

you should also watch King Corn for more info on this subject
totally shocking!

hubby and I are trying to eat 'real' food but those sellers are so sneaky.

shizzknits said...

What an interesting gardening do the bags disintergrate (OMG can't spell that) or what? Hmmm...

As to the food....have you looked into a CSA share near you? We started with a CSA share two years ago and it's amazing how much better local food can be. And we attend the Farmer's market as much as possible.

I haven't seen Food Inc., but have heard enough about processed food that we eat very little of it. Don't get me wrong, I still occasionally buy a 6pk of soda, but we eat as close to whole foods as possible. And I'm quite picky about the whole foods we buy...going organic and local whenever possible.

Anonymous said...

bling blong ting tong!

Appleshoe said...

Your garden is so neat and organized. Mine looks nothing like that. Due to multiple food allergies Bear and I have an organic kitchen.

The Ace said...

I saw the movie and it's all words and no action. They tell you go to the takepart website at the end but the really do not clue you in on how to become independent from mega-corporations such as McDonald's. Really they are not saying something that people do not already know.If you really want to cut ties with conglomerates and make your own food and raise your own animals, I myself raise cattle. Another thing not said in the movie but is an interesting fact: McDonald's put their meat through so much processing that it is actually artificially flavored.

Ruth said...

I have not watched it either but have read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and the Mother Earth News magazines. They have really opened my eyes to how horrible our food system really is.

We have been trying to make small changes to organic and eating whole foods instead of process junk food.

I had not heard of this gardening idea. We currently have a garden. I would love more info on it if you have time.


Mary said...

Do I see topsy-turvy tomatoes???? :)
We have two of them, and the plants. Need to plant them. I do have raised beds, I was not going to plant them this year - lazy - but I guess I really do need to.

Have you grown veggies in just the top soil bags before?? My worry is they will not be enough support for large climbing veggies - they could be too heavy and topple. I know my tomato plants get really heavy!!!!

Darlene said...

We don't have any room for growing our own garden so I'm trying to buy all organic from the farmers market and stores that offer those choices. Thanks for your post!

Our family has been having some health-related stuff going on and we're trying to make major food changes to see if it helps.

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

I realized this a few years ago, and we immediately started the journey to change our eating habits. Since then, we have not been sick. Seriously, my husband, 4 children, and I have not once had the flu or anything other than a 24-hour bug in years. I give full credit to healthy REAL foods.
In addition, my son's asthma has improved dramatically.
I haven't heard of Easy-Care Bag Gardening before. Off to look it up. :-)