Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Opinions please

In my haste to make these mosaic tile quilts, I cut the background fabrics 10" x 10" (which should have been the finished size).  Lesson learned.In order to save the pieces, I'm going to applique them to one big solid piece of fabric.

Here are my three color choices for the background fabric:  dark teal, dark gray, or a dark pearl lavender.
I would love your opinion!  Which one do you think?
Oh, and here are some pictures of my quilting buddies. 
It makes for an enjoyable afternoon of quilting.:)
Happy Tuesday Friends.


Teresa said...

Oooh. Tough choice. I'm leaning towards the pearl lavendar...I think. Maybe. Not much help, huh? The squares look AMAZING!

Sara said...

I say teal or grey, but I'm leaning toward grey!

Mary said...

they would make a wonderful pillow would they not???

Thank you for your sweet, affirming words to me.


Rachel said...

I vote for grey! These squares look amazing! I just love reading your blog, it gives me so much inspiration for my mosaics hobby and now I want to try quilting! I have your books too. :)

sara's art house said...

I vote for dark teal.

They are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

Pokey said...

Your squares are so neat!!! I think the color teal would set the finished piece off so nice! But, where are you planning to use it? ps, the baby shower pics were adorable, such cute ideas!

Karen said...

love, love,love it! U MUST do a little tutorial.....pretty please???
Wondering if u will you put it in the wash?
I pick the teal color.

Jeanne Lobsinger said...

I think you are an inspiration! Your work is always unique and breathtaking. I believe the colors you picked are fantastic! Thank you for sharing your talent

joeandkris513 said...

I vote for the dark grey. I was so intrigued by your first square and am happy to see the rest. I don't quilt or do mosaics, but I may have to try this. How inspiring. I thought stained glass quilts were my favorite, but this just might take their place in my mind!

Tasha Horsley said...

your mosaics look amazing! i vote for either dark gray or the dark teal. the gray would be totally safe and very modern!

your little quilting buddy is so stinkin' cute! i love his hair, just how my little boys had theirs. :) too sweet.

asnipofgoodness said...

Oh my goodness, these are simply wonderful! I can not even believe how absolutely fabulous these are, just LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I vote for pearl lavender, or grey, not teal Blah! I hate teal, but I am sure what ever you go with will be great, because you are obviously great with color choices, so go with your gut! Really love what you've done so far, lots of talent!

Elisa said...


A Little Of A Lot said...

Those squares are amazing. My youngest DD wants me to make her a quilt and i have to admit I'm finding just choosing the fabrics almost overwhelming.
Love, love, love your work