Friday, August 20, 2010

Fly Free

Hello Friends!
I wanted to share with a little custom mosaic dragonfly I made for someone.  It is a small piece but I love the iridescent glass in the wings.

After a crazy few weeks, things are finally starting to settle down around here.

I think some of you may relate to this.  Do you ever feel like you are just juggling too many balls?  Sometimes life gives you a magical rythym that allows you to do many things at once.  And sometimes it all becomes so overwhelming that you slowly start dropping balls until they have all hit the floor.
Sometimes I just need to remind myself what is really important.
Sometimes prayer, exercise, and taking care of my family and the house is all I can handle in one day.
Sometimes I get lucky and I can fit in some creative time.  I need to learn to balance these days better, and at the same time, not beat myself up when I can't be Superwoman.

(She) will have no fear of bad news; (her) heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD.  (Her) heart is secure, (she) will have no fear; in the end (she) will look triumph on (her) foes.
Psalm I I 2: 7-8

Have a great weekend!
Remember to take a deep breath and savor where you're at. 


sara said...

I love this dragonfly!

Oh I TOTALLY know what you mean. I have had to cut back on so many things. God has really been showing me that my family is the most important thing- there will be time for all the other things when the kids are grown and gone.

Jill said...

sooooo pretty!!! I love the sparkly wings!! and AMEN on the waaay too much stuff going on...

feather said...

i might be the queen of juggling too many balls! balance is a journey for me. just when i think i've found it...i'm lost again!

love that dragonfly. love the words. great job!

Jennwith4 said...

Beautiful dragonfly! I'm working on keeping my priorities in order right now with all the stuff we have going on.

Christi said...

Oh it's beautiful!