Thursday, November 4, 2010

Does anyone else have Christmas on the Brain?

I needed an excuse to play with my beautiful Martha Stewart glitters, so I made some cards yesterday.
 I love his big, shiny nose!
I also spent some time with the kids yesterday trying to get a cute shot for Christmas cards.  I'd love your honest opinion...Which one do you think is cuter?
Number One?
 or Number Two?
I know they are very casual for a Christmas card shot, but that's the way we roll...:)

Have you started thinking, planning, creating, or buying for Christmas yet?


Kim's Treasures said...

Cute cards...I can't decide which I like best...I think #1.

Have a great night!

Joji said...

Fabulous cards...The first pic just seems to have a naturalness about it that I like.

Tara said...

Really cute Christmas cards. I can't get Christmas wrapped around my brain yet. I know I need to though. It will be here before we know it.
I love the natural look opposed to posed photos. So I guess I will have to say #1 even though they are both really cute.

Pamela said...

I say #2. :-) I actually just happened onto your blog--drawn by the "grace" in your title. That's the subject of the SS class I teach Sunday. So I'm eager to nose around--it looks like I'll have a fun stay.

sara said...

Yes! Christmas is on my brain!

Love the cards!

And I like both pics. but #2 best.

Patti Erickson said...

I am so glad to see others getting hyped up about Christmas!!! Super cute cards and I love #2. Thanks for the motivation to get going my Christmas card photo.

Bold In The Soul said...

Jason and I both say #1....

Can't wait to get it in the mail!!


Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

i like them both, but i love number 2. they all look so happy!!

Unknown said...

Love the cards and I prefer No. 1 picture but they are both cute. Have a Happy Blessed weekend.
Beverley x

Cindy said...

The cards are wonderful! I'm inspired to do something creative now.

I think I like the first photo of the kids best but the youngest is seen better in the second. That didn't help much, did it? lol

I'm having a cookbook giveaway at my blog if you're interested.

Erin Lee Ware said...

NUMBER ONE! I love photos that really capture people's personalities :) ADOWABLE, DAWLING!

Casey Ellingson said...

I am conflicted about the pics. At first, I thought I preferred #2 because everyone is looking at the camera, but on closer inspection, there is an authenticity... a true feeling of joy in the first one.
I WANT MARTHA STEWART GLITTER NOW... way to go, Chrissie. lol