Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunday Scripture

God gave me this sunset tonite for Valentines Day, to show me how much he loved me :)
Well, he really gave it to all of us, to remind us of his love.

I was thinking of my Dad today.  If he were alive he would have sent me a card in the mail.  He never forgot I was his sweetheart...even as a grown woman he still sent me a sweet little note.    I was missing him and walked out the door to call the kids in for dinner, and this gorgeous sunset was here before me.  I immediately thought that it looked like Heaven.  My Dad smiling down at me.


Rachael said...

I just saw your work on blessed little nest and I love it! i have been dying to learn how to make mixedmedia art. I so love it! God bless you. Rachael from Maryland

Pamela said...

Breathtaking pictures. Made me think of the God who created them. Love all your Bible bags.

Tara said...

Beautiful!!! That was a Serendipty moment for you. God is good that way.

Appleshoe said...

Happy Valentine's Day. This is a lovely reminder and beautiful pictures. Take care.