Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Virtual Coffee

If you were coming over for coffee this morning, I would direct you to my little coffee station.  French vanilla creamer and sugar?  Yes, please!

We would go outside on the pool patio to sit.  The couches are full of laundry but it's nice out here in the morning anyway.

I would probably apologize about my yucky cushions, and then if would confide that I am terrified to sew new covers for them.  I've never sewn with outdoor fabric, and I think it might be a lot of work, and do I have to pipe them all?....  And then you might think, wow, she really talks a lot!

We would be looking at the pool deck, and I would be glad that I made the kids put away all the swim toys after their swim session yesterday.  And then, even though I am so enjoying adult time, I might feel a tiny twinge of missing them. 

If you were here for coffee and conversation I would probably lament over the fact that my baby boy is turning 11 this weekend.  I would probably show you some pictures of us in the beginning...

How is this picture almost 11 years old?

...and I would brag about him a little...:) hehe

I would show you the date that this chair has with a can of yellow spray paint.  You might try to talk me out of it, but all of a sudden yellow is my favorite color.  I want little splashes of it everywhere. 

After our coffee is gone and you have to leave anyway, I would drag you into my newish craft room.  I would beg you to sew me a new ironing board cover and curtains, and then you would laugh and say, do it yourself.  I would tell you about my new pinterest obsession and how I can't stop thinking about how to set up this room just right, and then I would realize I did all the talking today, dangit!

Will you come again?
Next time I will keep my mouth closed and let you get a word in edge-wise  :)

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studynsew said...

Oh yes please to the coffee and the company :) i somehow feel as though I'm now involved in your day even though i have no idea where in the world you live (i'm guessing somewhere in the US). I love the fact i start talking about winter just as the other side of the world talk about summer, it always makes me wonder. But today i feel so happy because i've had coffee with you, thanks so much for inviting me over ( oh and your outdoor cushions are fine, don't worry about them - but your pool does look very inviting)
see you next time
Miss emily.

Just For Today said...



Tess said...

I would ask for milk for my coffee and I would love to just sit and listen. Your pool looks so clean and inviting. I must suggest a morning dip. The crafting room is fabulous and I'd be more than willing to sew for you IF you did all of the measuring and cutting. LOL!! Fun post, thanks for the coffee time...

angela said...

Thanks for the fun visit! Especially the sun and thought of even being able to get in an outdoor pool. (still horribly rainy and mid 50's in Chicago)

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

How FUN... Thanks for the morning coffee... Never thought I would say that considering I don't like coffee... hahaha

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Such a super cute post! I LOVE the rug in your craft room & I agree - times goes by too quickly.

faith from within said...

Logan looks exactly the same and man was he a cute little peanut!! Hello tan little cutie yourself!! And no, I know you were not 15 when you had him, although you look 15 in that picture!! :) What a lifetime ago that was.
I am on my way over for coffee in the morning and I am hoping you WILL do all the talking!!

faith from within said... at your teeeeth!!!

the lowes said...

love the old pic!! :) and love the craft room - youve done so great!!!

amy said...

we have the same exact patio furniture and a couple of months ago i recovered the pillows using a tablecloth i found at tj maxx. i just sewed a pillow cover and slipped them in. now the bottom cushions look fine and the top are all cute! just an idea (cause i know you for sure can so pillow covers!)
go for it!