Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 on 10

I always have the best intentions with this...
but rarely succeed fully.
Here's my (8) on 10 hipstamatic style...;)

7 am
Ashton is gearing up for Christmas

8 am 
Sewing Machine is calling my name
Also, I'm thinking of painting that desk and chair bright yellow?

9 am
Operation Christmas Child Boxes finished

11 am
I go out to the back porch to clean up the tent from last weekend, where the kids like to "camp".
I decide the weekend will be here soon enough and they may want to do it again

12 pm
Wooby has a little cough
I turn on Cars 2 and the humidifier and let him chill in my bed

2 pm
Finalizing my Thanksgiving Day Menu
Um, yes, pedicure please

3 pm
Henry follows the slivers of light all over the house
4 pm
Lots and lots of leaves to sew
White bean chicken chili is in the crockpot

Here's to hoping next month I will get all ten pictures documented for the day :)
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31.  this blog entry...turns out my little flu symptoms were masking as some yucky yucky anxiety and this blog entry made me feel like I wasn't alone
32.  the excitement of Thanksgiving, adding leaves to our gratitude tree, noticing the kids finding gratitude in the "small" things
33.  girlfriends who I can call to confide in
34.  Parents who help out
35.  rediscovering the simple pleasure of ice water (I'm gonna start trying to make the fruity kind, you know, stawberries or lemons on the bottom of the pitcher)
36.  Daylights Savings means my babies are passing out by 7:30!
37.  little girls who learn how to ride without training wheels


1 comment:

TheUnSoccerMom said...

LOVE this set... I really need to get back on board w/ the 10 on 10... when work days fall on the 10th, that lends to some boring 10 on 10s though...

hope your little one is feeling better!!

i've always wanted to try white chili.. :o)