Wednesday, November 9, 2011

be YOU tiful

I love these and I loved making them.
I feel super strong about making sure our little girls know that they are not merely what they look like.
I want all of our daughters to know that they are beautiful (be YOU tiful) just they way they are.
I don't want this generation to feel like they have to starve themselves to fit the stereotypes that we as a society and our media has imposed on them.
If I could I would put these in every single girl's room that I know!

They are made from scrap wood measuring approximately 4"x 12".  They are slightly distressed and sealed with a clear poly spray for protection. I don't have hangers on the back, they are meant to be "shelf sitters".  Available here

I got all fired up about this issue again after watching "Miss Representation" on the OWN (Oprah's new channel) network.  They will be re-playing it again on November 12th (Saturday) at 11 am.  I am trying to decide if my 6th grader is ready for it.  He is a male, but I think he may be at the crucial age that this will benefit him. I would watch it with him, of course, so we could share an open dialogue about it.   Has any one else seen it?  What are your thoughts? 

I hope you are all well...I myself and recovering from some sort of virus?  Headache, fatigue, fever...
It feels good to join the world again!  :)


23.  restoration of health
24.  a husband who cares for me
25.  children who pray for me when I don't feel well :)
26.  the gorgeous weather today
27.  family who helps us out all the time
28.  Education
29.  Awareness
30.  Literacy



Erin said...

I love those signs. They are awesome and what a great message.

TATAMI said...

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Laurie said...

Awesome idea! Thanks so much for the inspiration! I am featuring it on my Blogger's Thanksgiving Top Ten: