Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Crystal from Little Bit Funky

Crystal from Little Bit Funky is rounding off our Sew to Swap Blog Hop.
Crystal runs a successful etsy shop, where she is constantly re-inventing the wheel and coming up with new products.  She quilts, she sews, she bakes, she embroiders, she paints, she hot glues:), and she specializes in lots of custom orders too.

Check out some of her creative ways...

Oh yeah!  I have to mention the hoho's.
Crystal has created the most adorable little monsters named after her youngest son...who they call hoho.
They are perfectly imperfect and purposefully wonky and wonderful.

She makes them in various forms (I ordered a robot hoho for a special Christmas present this year), and you can also have her customize them with fabrics that are sentimental to you.

Something extra cool:
Today on Crystal's part of the blog hop, she is raising money for Charity:Water, using one of the quilts from the book.

For every $10 donation you will be entered to win this adorable quilt from the book.

I love this!
Please head over to Crystal's blog for more details :)

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