Monday, November 21, 2011

It's John Adams today...AKA Quilt Dad

Today on the blog hop tour I am featuring the work of John...otherwise known as Quilt Dad.
John is a big-time modern block maker and he participates in and runs a lot of swaps.

He's done three different rounds of "Sew Connected", also blogs at "Feeling Stitchy", has been published in many different magazines, publications, on-line sites, and also is a contributor to Fat Quarterly.  He is a busy man!  ;)

Here are a few of John's quilts that are my personal favorites:

Check out John's blog here,
and his extensive flickr site here.


1 comment:

John said...

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I've put my post up on my own blog, not Heather's until she's up & running after her hospital stay. Just an FYI!