Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A little tutorial for you...

This certainly isn't a new concept, but I thought I'd do a little tute for you in case you've never seen it.

I have slowly been working more colors and textures into our home, and I wanted to add a little color to one of the rooms by using some of my favorite fabrics.  I covered some old mattes with the fabric and then re-framed them.

Step 1:  Find a frame with a matte inside.  I had two of these from Ikea laying around.

Step 2:  Using some of your favorite fabric, cut about an extra inch all the way the matte.

Step 3:  Turn the fabric over and use hot glue to pull the fabric taut against all the edges.  For the corners just fold them over too and hot glue them down.

Step 4:  Cut a big X in the center of the matte.

Step 5:  Pull the pieces of the X in and hot glue them down.  If the fabric overlaps, trim the edges off.

 Step 6:  Ta-da!  Pop it back in the frame behind the glass and add your photo :)

This would be really cute with Christmas fabric and a holiday photo...
It would make a sweet gift too!



Anonymous said...

I LOVE that green 'amoeba' fabric. We got a tiny amount somehow and used it up quick! It is so fun!

faith from within said...

me likey!! adds some fun ideas to the growing pile of pictures and frames for around the house! :)

sara's art house said...

Love it!