Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Embracing the Present

I wish I was sharing some of my art, but alas, I am sharing this pinterest find instead.

After a dry spell, my creative urges have come back full force and I find myself jotting down ideas and sketching constantly.  I have been teaching an all day art camp this week so by the time the kids are down for bed and I can actually paint I'm too tired!  I'm hoping for some free time soon just to create!

I think this may be our busiest summer ever.  I'm kind of looking forward to the slow, hazy days when I hear, "I'm boooooooored!"  So far we have just been busy.  I quickly fell in love with the print above...a nice reminder to stay in the present and be grateful.  I will my keep my journal full of new ideas close to my heart and know that the time to create will come soon enough!  :)


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Alicia said...

i think sometimes we just have to rest in the blah times when the creative juices are not flowing. i think we let ourselves be even more creative when we're rejuivenated! experiencing a renewed time right i scrup paint off my arms and legs ;)