Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Going into Retirement...

Going into retirement...
These particular prints are going.
I'm selling them at a discounted rate of $12.  I have a few of each print left, and once they are gone, they are gone :)

Time to make room for new!

You can find them all here:)



Tereza Crump said...

Hi Chrissie,
I have a daughter who is 9 y.o. and she loves to draw and paint. She has created this monster all dressed up in Christmas trimmings. I want to scan it and make a card with it. Do you have any suggestions how to do it so that the image is crispy and professional? I have a scanner and I printed the image on normal cardstock but it wasn't as bright as her original. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you so much. Your art is soooo beautiful! :)

Tereza Crump said...

thank you again