Friday, August 3, 2012

Phone Dump

Major phone dump here.

"You are beautiful Mom, in different kinds of ways."
From Ava.  I will keep this forever.

Sweet boys.

Beautiful rainbow that lasted over 20 minutes.  Amazing.

My fisherman.

Now that was a belly laugh!

Favorite restaurant in Ponce Inlet. Hands down.

Simplicity Parenting.
Read it again for the third time.

Twinsies. :)

Switched from cows milk two months ago and have avoided 1,000 upset stomaches since.

Grocery store sushi.  It was still good.

Started out the summer running 4 miles straight.  Last week this was all I could do.  Time to start running again.

Cramming in summer reading for 7th grade.

My new do.
My new $1 necklace from Goodwill.

Ikea loot from a trip today.
I did pretty good.
I could've spent a lot more.

Do you instagram?
I do.
I'm @chrissiegrace if you want to be my instagram friend.

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend friends!



Linda said...

All things to be so thankful for! What beautiful children!

Leslie @ top of the page said...

that letter from your daughter is so priceless. wow. looks like some happy summer memories! (i just followed you on insta :)