Thursday, January 24, 2013

My week in photos...

I guess you could call this a photo dump.
If you're on IG then you've seen these...if not, jump on the bandwagon.  It's fun!
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So, my custom pillows are back in full force.
I love how this set for sisters turned colorful!

My favorite four year old made me a Valentine.  I love him.

My man and I went on a much needed date night.  We ate at the most amazing restaurant and came home to an empty house.  The kids had a Grandma sleepover and we watched a movie and slept like rockstars.

My minimalist approach to Valentine decorating this year.

There is an awesome new class at my gym called Barre.
This old-lady ballerina loves it.

I'm back on a smoothie kick.  
It varies everyday but I always have a tablespoon of chia seeds and flax seeds and a frozen banana.

Ashton placed in an essay contest this week.
He got a cash prize ($10) and he thought he was big stuff.
He is big stuff ;)

On the search for "natural" beauty and health products.
This soap is super awesome.

I need it.
I did my "homework" as soon as it was posted.
I'm feeling it.

Last but not least, I was up on that scaffolding today.
Drawing a huge mural on that big white wall.
For Habitat for Humanity.
I start painting it tomorrow.
Doesn't God work in amazing ways?
I humbled to be working on this project.

Is it just me or are the days flying by?
I hope you had a good week, friends.
Thanks for stopping by :)



Mary said...

They are flying by...this month is almost over...yikes!

Please post photos as the mural progresses.


Leslie said...

time is flying....I can't wait to see your mural! what a blessing indeed!

off to check out that Bible Study!

Creatively Content said...

I have to say I am really looking forward to seeing the progression of that mural. What a beautiful honour. I had been wanting to do a mural in my girls room for a VERY long time. For some reason your mural on your wall at home pushed me over and I have started slowly. What is it about a big blank wall that calls to me? Thank you for sharing your journey.