Monday, April 29, 2013

Colorful new items and gastritis

I've been on a creative kick lately with wood and paint.
I love this progression of "beYOUtiful" signs.
Cut wood, painted wood, finished wood.  :)

I sold them all in an IG sale except this red one with rainbow letters.  It is actually my favorite one!  I listed it here in the etsy shop.

I've been making lots and lots and lots of hearts with wings.
I listed them here in the shop.

And cupcakes!  Yes, wooden cupcakes with a glitter cherry on top.  Listed here.
Don't I have a precious model?  ;)

In other news, I had an endoscopy last week. 
I am battling a bad case of gastritis and a hiatal hernia.
I will find out in a couple of weeks if I have a celiac allergy.
No fun!  But the good news is that it's FORCING me to stay away from chocolate, fried foods, and other things that aren't good for me.
If any of y'all live with this I would love any advice :)

I hope you're having a marvelous Monday!
We only have four more weeks of school!  :)



Carla said...

I had to read the post title twice! Sounds painful. Hope they find a solution for you.

Kate Eschbach said...

Oh, I am so, so sorry.

I have a friend that has been through this. And writes:

sara's art house said...

:( Hope you feel better!

Super cute cupcake!