Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This and That

"The best cut flowers are hand-made"
I love the flowers my kids have been making for me.
Happy Tuesday Friends! How was your Memorial Day?
We spent the day at our neighbors playing, swimming, and eating way too much good food.
The kids were in the pool AAAALLLL day. Love it!

This was a custom piece I just finished for a very loyal customer (and friend). We met at one of my art shows a few years back and she has a little collection of my pieces. Cheri actually wrote all these clever sayings and I just painted them up for her. It'll be on it's way today! I hope you love it!

And speaking of friends, I met Lori through our blogs and I have decided she's got to be one of the nicest people alive. We did a package swap, and she totally spoiled me. I wish I had taken better pictures, but she sent me that beautiful fabric swag, two cupcake kitchen towels (we both love cupcakes), custom made BEACH blocks (cuz we are a beach family!), and those two darling pieces of jewelery that she makes in her etsy shop. (Except my necklace has a "C" on it.) I think the bracelet is my favorite. I have a very small wrist and Lori made small enough to fit me.
Thanks so much Lori, it was fun! If you want to see what I sent her...she'll show you right here.

And last but not least, here is a cute teacher's gift if you're looking for one.
I took popcorn containers from the dollar section at Target, filled them with popcorn, candy, and movie tickets, and made a card out of popcorn scrapbook paper. Easy peasy but I think they're cute.
There are a lot of bloggy parties coming up this week, so I'm off to repurpose, repaint, and recycle. More coming soon!


lori vliegen said...

i just love the sweet little flower that your kids made for you...they make the best art, don't they?! the custom piece that you did for your friend is wonderful...she'll love you to pieces for it! and, congrats on your swap goodies...you received some really great stuff!! :)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Chrissie- You are toooo sweet! I love all my goodies and you more than spoiled me, too!:)

The custom piece is amazing!!!!! And I love the teacher's gift! Very creative and fun!:) Lori

Jill said...

LOVE the "teacher's" gift idea!
Thanks so much for sharing! I think I'm going to use this for birthday gifts too!

sarah said...

what a great idea!
i've been stressing over end of year gifts and that is brilliant!
just a few questions, as always...
did you just get a gift certificate for a local theater? did you include enough for two tickets? (i'm on a crazy budget right now)
did you use a bag of microwave popcorn?

thanks for sharing, any fathers day ideas? if it's not giving anything away.

Chrissie Grace said...

Hey Sarah
My husband was lucky and earned gift cards from work. We redeemed them at the movie theatres so I could get two tickets each. If not, I probably would have bought a gift card for Blockbusters. I did use microwave popcorn!
I'll do some Father's Day ideas soon...:)

Beth Anderson said...

I love the big yellow flower - reminds me of when my kids were little and would make things like that for me. I still have some of the things and pictures they made 15+ years ago hanging around my desk.

Paul and Cheri said...

I *L O V E* the realization piece! It is absolutely PERFECT!!! and MUCH better than anything I could have come it with myself in the painting department THANKS! THANKS! EVER THANKS! It will be a wonderful additiona to our collection, which is not all that little any more! :-)
Much love, as always ...