Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some Christmas decorations

Hello! Welcome into our cozy dining room, where our Christmas tree is this year. I really kept the decorations to a minimum this year. I just felt the need to keep things simple.
The poinsettas aren't real but they hold up really well every year. Those plates are a collection of Norman Rockwells that were given to me after my grandfather passed away. Even though they aren't "Christmasy", for some reason Norman Rockwell always invokes that cozy feeling to me. The centerpiece in the table are just some tall beaded gold trees.

Because of allergies, we have to do an artificial tree. We keep it very kid's mostly handmade ornaments and the ones they collect every year. There are a few on there from my childhood as well. One day I will gussy it up beautifully, but for now I like it just like it is. I am a white lights person, what about you?

(I love the way the lights reflect against the's the first thing you see when you walk up to the door!:)

It's hard to get these shots, but I love this glittery turquoise dream ornament. Of course, I love anything red and turquoise for Christmas.

On the other side of the dining room is our piano. This is where I set up our Willow Tree Nativity scene. This is my favorite Christmas decoration and the kids know to just look, not touch. I want to buy them a children's nativity scene to play with this year. Doesn't Little People make one?

On the other end of the house in the hallway I decorated with this cute Santa and Reindeer that my mother-in-law bought me. Those quirky trees are from the Dollar Tree last year, I just think they are so cute!

Every year it is a tradition for our kids to pick out a new ornament and we buy one or two new Christmas books. When we do our Advent activities at night we usually read one of our Christmas books. So what great book are we missing? We haven't bought any Christmas books this year, so tell me your kids favorite!

I have another little tree set up with all of our Charlie Brown ornaments, but it needs some help. When I get it looking better I'll show you. I also forgot about our outside decorations too!I've got Christmas music playing tonite and we had hot cocoa with snowmen shaped marshmellows. Don't remind me that the high today was almost 80 degrees, I'm pretending it's already Winter!

xo, Chrissie

I'm linking up to the Nester's Tour of Homes. Soooooo many beautiful decorations!!


Mary said...

Everything looks beautiful!
I too love white lights on the tree.
I have a collection of Christmas storybooks too. My kids are grown, my grandson is 14 months so I will be able to read the again very soon.
One of my favorite is "One Wintery Night" by Ruth Bell Graham. It is a beautiful book telling the Christmas story beginning with creation.

Helena said...

I really like The Polar Express, and I don't see it in your stack!

sara said...

Everything looks gorgeous!

Heidi said...

Love the sock monkey ornament! My husband is white lights and I love the old fashioned big colored bulbs. The problem with the big old bulbs is the heat they generate. So this is why I go with the white. Your tree is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

your house is so amazing! So beautiful! I'm glad you shared pictures with everyone. Love Mom

Ruth said...

I love it!! Our tree is decorated with all kinds of different ornaments, too. The kids collect a new one each year. There are handmade ones and then just regular ornaments we've collected through time or been given. One day I will have a theme tree.

Some of the best Christmas books are The Legend of the Candy Cane, Jacob's Gift and The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey (not sure if this is the exact title). I absolutely love these.

My kids are older and this year we are reading A Christmas Carol by Charles DIckens. One of my favorites.

I saw some really cute children's nativities, including a Charlie Brown one, at Toys R Us the other day.


Jill said...

It all looks great! and so fun and festive!! I'll send you a little cold from here...brrrrr!
Have a great weekend!

Kim's Treasures said...

Your home looks beautiful Chrissie!

Patti Erickson said...

Beautiful! I love your stack of books. I put our Christmas books in a basket and we never seem to read them. Our fav Christmas book is the Christmas Lizard (when we do read them).

Crystal said...

Little People has a great Nativity but I would look for it sells out quick. Love your simple decor! :)

Julie said...

when it comes to books - i am a junkie - and i will be glad to share some of our stack......the Legend of the Candy Cane and I just found out there is also the Legend of the Christmas Tree which I will hopefully be adding to the pile for next year!!! Jotham's Journey is one of our favorite advent stories to read!!
Have fun! Love the decor!!

A Stable Beginning said...

Everything is just beautiful, love your tree and lights. The Santa is snazzy.
Merry Christmas!

Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good said...

Merry Christmas! Your home looks great and I love the turquoise ornament!The stack of books is great. What a great Way to reinforce how important reading is and keeping traditions going on!

B. said...

Cute Santa! It is hard to get a good shot on Christmas tree! But you did it!