Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Guest Bathroom...Before and After

We started on the kids/guest bathroom, ahem, in May. There is nothing like an impending Thanksgiving holiday where 25 people are coming over to get your hubby to finish it up.
Here are some before shots. We basically gutted the whole thing. Took out and replaced the bathtub, toilet, sink, and all the tile (floor and shower walls.)
We thought we would do most of the work ourselves. We actually did all the demolition, but turns out there is a lot involved when putting in a jacuzzi tub. You need an electrician and a plumber. Well, we did anyway.
I found that really nice waffle cloth liner at a garage sale during the summer, still in the package. I haven't found a shower curtain I love yet. I'm thinking of making my own out of a white fabric and monogramming the center. Anyone know what kind of fabric works best for a shower curtain?
It is very simple. We replaced the 1980's toilet and sink with the newer streamlined Kohl's throne and a Kohl's pedestal sink. Mike had earned reward points from work at Homegoods, where I got the garbage can, matching soap dispenser, and brushed nickel toilet paper holder. We went with the brushed nickel for all of the fixtures.
My husband insisted on the jacuzzi tub for me because he loves me:) I take a bath almost every night for relaxation, and I have to say I do love it! You can see the new tiles on the shower walls here.
I found that mirror on sale at Ross for 12.99 but it was a dark wood. I had been looking everywhere for a white oval mirror, so I finally bought this one, spray painted it white, and distressed it slightly. (The little postcard is a small print from Jen Lemen.) The towel rack is behind the door and I haven't found anything to hang above it yet.
I repurposed that shelf from Goodwill (4.99 I think?) It was painted white and distressed. The shell frame and small basket holding soap were GW finds too. I added some of my favorite shells. The storage unit was from hubby's reward bucks at Homegoods too.

I wish I had better pictures, but there is no natural light in that room. It feels nice to have another updated room in the house. As many of you home-owners know, it's a never-ending process when you buy an older house!

Thanks for looking. How can it be that we're already half-way through the week again?

xo, Chrissie


Beth said...

you know i love some before & afters. love the tile, love the sink, love the shelf, it all.

Mary said...

It turned out great!
Do I know about old houses. Mine is 160yrs old. Thankfully the kitchen and bathrooms were updated several years before we moved in. We have had to replace a few things, but so far it's not been too bad.

Cindy said...

Congratulations on your new bathroom. my house is 100 years old, there is always something to do. Take care and enjoy your tub.

Hopeful Housewife said...

Looks Great Chrissie! You guys did a great job!

luci said...

try getting clear see through plastic for the shower curtain and using a thin fabric to work on, so you will double layer it to hang.

Rhonda said...

really nice re-do. I would love to visit your guest bath.

and if anyone can do some art for over that towel bar, you can!

Ruth said...

It looks gorgeous. I dream of redoing our bathroom and kitchen but have nightmares about it, too. Does that make sense. Well it's not in the budget for now and I know we would need help.


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