Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Captivity of Activity

Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.
Galations 1:10
I started blogging a few years ago. I had the intentions of sharing my love of arts of crafts with like-minded people. I also wanted to be able to post pictures of the kids so family and friends could keep up with our busy lives.
After awhile I started using it as a means of expanding my home business through Etsy and to promote my books. Along the way I have met a lot of good "on-line" friends. I have yet to meet anyone in person (as of yet...)

However, I got very caught up in the boogy man of comparison through blogging. My internal dialogue has occasionally gone something like this~
So and so takes such beautiful photos suck!
So and so is homeschooling five kids and still manages to bring in thousands of dollars a month in etsy sales! My art must not be very good...
So and so is so in touch with their spirituality and is able to bring glory to God in all of their blog posts...I must not be a very good Christian.

YUCK! Double YUCK! I know I am not the only one who has let their little insecurities be influenced by the beauty and inspiration that other bloggers provide us with.
BUT, the good news is, I'm done with that talk!

Yesterday at my Beth Moore Bible study we talked about "The Captivity of Activity". She asked us to look into our hearts and ask ourselves what we are trying to prove and to whom. I realized that I stay very busy sometimes to keep up my house and my projects even when perhaps I should be taking a much-needed rest. Am I trying to impress people I don't even really know? Am I trying to be the best wife, the best mom, the best artist, the best housekeeper, the best fill-in-the-blank? At the expense of time that I could be spending with God, resting and enjoying things, or playing with my kids? What would be wrong with not doing anything one day?

I am accepted in the beloved.
Ephesians 1:6

With all that said, I still love blogging. I love to share my life and my projects. I love to read others blogs and be inspired by all of your projects, by your realizations and truths. You all have lifted me up, you have made me laugh, you have allowed me to want to be a better person.

Let's all make a pact-okay?
Let us all be our authentic selves. If that means blogging every day, fine. If it means blogging once a month, fine. Let's not compare ourselves to each other. We are all doing our best as we know it. Let's not leave comments for the sake of getting more popular or getting more "followers". Let's leave comments that are sincere and encouraging. Let us not feel like we have to "keep up" with the other bloggers who seem to have it all together. Let us remember that we all have special gifts and God-given talents...



Unknown said...

I almost want to cry reading this. No. You are not the only one who feels this way. I left the house this morning feeling extremely anxious and I am pretty sure this is the reason why. I just cannot keep up with it all! ~Lanie J.

Tara said...

I am with Lanie! I too feel the same way. I want to glofify Christ, but I don't want to sacrifice other areas in my life that need attention by spending too much time on here. Got to find a happy balance. Thanks for sharing your heart. That is what I truly love about blogging. Sincere hearts.

Michelle said...

Great post and great picture! I couldn't agree more.

My one rule is that I never get on the computer on the weekend. That is family time. I also try to limit my time during the week. Reading blogs is fun and inspiring....but it is also time consuming!! :)

Happy Blogging!

sara said...

Awesome, Chrissie! I totally agree. God will bless your sincerity and your heart for Him!!!

Jill said...


Ruth said...

Such a true post. I can not count how many times I have felt much of the same things you have listed here.


Anonymous said...

Hmm that's amazing but to be honest i have a hard time figuring it... wonder what others have to say..

Beth said...

you're after my own heart! authentic. a word to live by.

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...


{so, so true!}

Sharon Simons said...

I have followed your blog for some time now and I love it. You always provide such inspiration, but more than that you a sister in Christ. Thanks for your transparency and challenge to the group. What Beth Moore study are you currently in? I would love to offer it if possible. "Captivity of Activity" says a lot. Any information you can give me would be appreciated! Thanks again!

Christi said...

Amen sister! So true. I'm with you 100%!

Readings, Recipes and Rambles said...

AMEN!! All bloggers need to read this post! Very well written!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!

The Christian life is ALL about Jesus increasing and "you" decreasing...God is doing a mighty work in you. As one of your followers it's so amazing to watch.
The Lord wants to manifest through you the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Himself in every place you go(2 Cor. 2:14)

BahamaDawn said...

WOW! thanks for that blog really made me think!
I love the picture too, by the way.

Paoletta said...

Such a true post! Thank you for your inspired words.
Greetings from Italy

Jeanne Lobsinger said...

I agree Chrissie! I too see all these blogs that look so nice and maybe I should do this and do that! But then I remembered why I started my blog...for me! So I could have a way to journal my family's life. So I could share with our extended family our kids growing up. And I am okay with my blog. Now when I go to scrapbook, I can look back and remember what we did on a certain day and I am glad that it is not a blog that I have to keep up with!

I love your blog! So crafty and so many great ideas. Thank you for sharing.

DEIDRE said...

I love your blog and you do have one follower in your personal life and online and you are an inspiration to me in both. I love checking to see all your cool creative projects. I love the way you proudly speak of your children and your faith and family. I love when I walk into your home it is peaceful and inviting. You have a dozen of the neighborhood kids over having fun, the kitchen is clean, your working on something super cool and creative, and getting ready to take your kids to practice or some type of activity. We are all trying to get it all done,the trick seems to be enjoying it and you seem to have a good balance between the two. I also appreciate that you are encouraging to me to be better at all the many things I am doing in My life. I don't look at it as "keeping up" with the other who seem to have it all together. I can't keep up right now and that is ok with me. I look at you more like inspiration (IT IS POSSIBLE!) to do all of these things. So you might feel like you were trying to keep up at times but it could just be because some of us need your inspiration and encouragement. Thanks for shearing your special gifts and God-given talents...I need them in my life.

luci said...

thanks for sharing your heart Chrissie. It rings true with me - wrestling with not being a people pleaser and fitting everything in with the busyness of it alland the not comparing challenge are all big ones. nicely said. trying to be more authentic step by step each day too x

Sarah said...

I was recently told that every person has the same amount of lightness and darkness...
A blog is just a snapshot, not the whole picture. Some blogs are all beauty and light and some blogs are real. I find the beauty and light inspiring and reality comforting.