Saturday, July 3, 2010

Have a beautiful weekend...

I will be taking a computer break for a few days and I wanted to leave you with some beautiful images.

1. lawn spiral, 2. Peacock Hair Fascinator, 3. me plus you quilt, 4. Anna and oil painting, 5. my signature, 6. happy patchwork pillows, 7. sunshine, 8. 02-01-10, 9. A Deciduous Tree for Christy, 10. finger and holey stones as jen described them, 11. New Work, 12. Kaffe Fassett Rainbow

Have a wonderful July 4th weekend, and thank you for all of the sweet and supportive comments.


feather said...

oh! those stones! those vintage sheet-turned-shams! that quote! awesomeness! enjoy your weekend, too, chrissie!

Unknown said...

What lovely pictures - I love them and hope you had a good 4th July. I was the token English person at my Aunts party, nearly 20 years ago (gosh doesnt time fly) when I visited the Detroit. We had a wonderful time. Would love to do it again someday.

sara said...

I love these pictures!

Isabel said...

Hi I just happened to notice your catchy button on Where Women Create and had to stop by:O) Love all that you do very talented:O) Have a great day:O) Isabel