Monday, September 20, 2010

Making my surroundings Lovely

Heather has inspired me in many ways.  Lately it is the lovely pictures of her home.  I am gleaning inspiration from her.  Learning to hold onto to decor items that I only really love.  Trying to find a balance between simple, and color and fun.  I am learning that the less items you have, the less you have to clean!  But when I go too simple, I crave some art and color.

We had our guest bathroom redone over a year ago.  After my $30 white garbage can broke last week, I replaced it with a turquoise can from Target's dollar section.  That spurred a little makeover.
I had this scrap piece of wood.  I painted it with a couple different variations of turquoise and aqua craft paint, traced the letters on, and filled them in with white paint.

I bought the shower curtain and rug at Target.  I searched a couple of thrift stores for a shower curtain but this is really what I wanted, so I got it!
The little soap dispenser is from Target too...on sale for $2.  The cross was on sale at Kirklands for $2.99.  I had the frame, and just printed the 11 x 14 print of our family beach picture on my home printer.
Everything on this wall is from the house...I tried to keep it beachy themed, but not too themed.
I've had these blocks for a couple of years now.  I think I bought them at TJ Maxx.  They've been various parts of my home.
So that's it.  I spent about $35 and I feel like we have a lovely little makeover.  :)
Happy Monday Friends!


Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

this looks so great chrissie! i love the color the shower curtain inject into the room. and all of the little touches really make it sing!

Kennagurl said...

How cute !! I love the sign. hmmmm.. Now I am thinking my bathroom needs a redo .....

Vanssmomc said...

I love it!! Thank you for reminding all of us that one does not need to spend tons of money for a great makeover of a room!! Now, if only I had someplace for a shower curtain, all of my showers have doors!

ragamuffinbeauties said...

Love it super cute! Amen to gleaning from she not amazing?! Your pretty amazing yourself!

Mary said...

You have done a lovely job here.
I love the colors you chose, and your family photo from the beach is perfect.

Don't you just love Target??? :)
It's becoming one of my favs!

Appleshoe said...

It turned out lovely. The family photo is the best thought :) Take care.

Unknown said...

What a lovely room and such a bright and cheerful colour. It is surprising how you can change a room and update for little outlay. I wish we had a Target here but we have Asda/Walmart which is always good for inexpensive items for the home. Well done that girl!!!
Beverley x

Adrienne said...

the shower curtain is really pretty... i love blue in any shade!