Monday, January 3, 2011

Little late on these...

I know most of you are ready to move past Christmas, but I just wanted to post some of our pictures from Christmas.  I took over 400 this year, so these are just some of my favorite.

Ava's Christmas show at school.  She wanted her hair curled and was so super sweet.

Jackson going out for our neighborhoods annual Lumanaries.  He insisted on wearing Big Brother's jacket.

Ava came out in her bathing suit a couple of days before Christmas and thought she would go swimming.  We finally let her jump in.  Let's just say it was as cold as we told her it would be!

For the  third year, we decided to take a Christmas family vacation at the most Magical place on Earth; Disney.

Doesn't Logan just belong in Norway? ;)

You can't  go through the Mexican Pavillion without trying on the hats!


I was proud of myself for taking so many photos this year.  I made sure to get in some of them too!

This wall is totally awesome...

Let's just say she was in heaven...

Logan and I at the Hoopy-De-Doo.  We had a great time!

We finally got Carson out with us the last day.  It was freeeeeeezing

Christmas was wonderful this year.  My husband returned to work this morning.  The kids are still at home for one more week!  I am ready to get on a somewhat normal routine.  Let's see how it goes.
Happy Monday!


Bold In The Soul said...

Oh the picture of Ava after the big plunge is absolutely hilarious! We totally can appreciate your parenting skills to have let her do it......WE LOVE IT!! Definitely a great one to remember! Soph and I have been talking about and going back to the princess pictures for about 20 minutes...just when I we are done, she'll ask to see them again! Oh these girls are so cute! Miss you! Happy New Yer!!

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Your family is beautiful!

Happy New Year,