Monday, February 28, 2011

Snacky Snack Snack

I like to eat. A lot!   
I almost always cook a big meal at night for supper.
But during the day I never really have a big lunch...
I do a lot. of . snacking...
Wanna see?

Now that you've seen some of my snacking habits, do you have any suggestions for me?
I'd love to try something new!
What are your favorite snacks?

Happy Monday,
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Isabel said...

That made me hungry!!!Again:O) My snacks are not as healthy and I as well do not really have lunch, but I snack on hersheys kisses alot sweet tooth:O)Love having salads:O)

april@gingerbread girl said...

those are awesome snacks...and healthy!!! I love hummus and pita or pita chips....YuMmY!!!!

Anonymous said...

mmmm i want sweet potato fries now! your snack list is similar to mine...i love making a little pizza on a pita...hummus or tabouli with pita & veggies...& tuna salad in a lettuce wrap. : )

Gina said...

Yum! Apples and peanut butter are one of my favorites. Love hummus too-and of course nothing beats a quick bowl of cereal!

Erin Lee Ware said...

roasted and salted pumpkin seeds! salted popcorn! graham crackers! greek yogurt! pistachios! :) :) :)

Hershey's Moma said...

Snacking my way through the day is always the way I go! I have to have avocados in the house. They are my favorite 'snack' food.