Friday, February 25, 2011


I made two more pillow forms this week.  First, another "rainbow" one, this time wonky style.

...and a wonky style house.  Both are for 18" x 18" pillow forms.  (FYI-  If you use the 40% off coupons at Micheals or Joann's, you can pick up a pillow form for a couple of dollars.)

I also wanted to share with you some blogs that I think have a lot good information and/or inspiration.  I think the artistic and chaotic part of my brain craves and thrives on order and simplicity to give my life balance.  These sites help me keep my getoutofdebt Goal in focus.  They are filled with practical advice that is presented in a lovely, simple way.

Any big plans for the weekend?  Would you believe that it was almost 80 degrees here today?  We have been outside every day this week, drinking in the sunshine...Blessed days, I tell ya!
Enjoy yourselves, wherever you are! :)



Erin Butson said...

Love all of your pillows, especially the wonky house. So sweet.

Ruth said...

Beautiful pillows. I love the white backgrounds with the bold colors.


Tess said...

I love these but am most impressed with the sewn words. Wow!!

Shelley said...

the pillows are beautiful !!! I have to order one !