Monday, June 27, 2011

38 down, 26 more to go...

Last night when I was drifting off to sleep, I was thinking of Davis.
How he has a mother and father, a sister and 2 brothers waiting for him.
I thought how Amy dreams of the space he will share with his brother.
How she probably imagines how he sounds, how he smells, how he feels.

Each time I was pregnant with my children, I would lie awake at night and wonder what they would look like.  What kind of personality they would have.  I would pray for them, for a safe arrival, for a healthy life.  I would pray that they would love God, and I would feel so grateful...

Last night I thought about how lucky Davis is, to have a family waiting for him.
How good God He is protecting Davis until he arrives home safely.

Someone asked me if I knew Amy...and no, I have never met her in real life (at least not yet)
Somehow God brought her and Davis into my heart.  I pray for them every day...
I love how open Amy and her husbands hearts they knew they had another son and are willing to make sacrifices to make sure he is safe and sound in their arms.

Four more days are open for Pillows for Davis.  I promise I am sewing as much as I can.  :)  I appreciate all of your patience...I am still 2-3 weeks out.  I've finished 38, and as of this morning I have 26 more to go.
But I want each one to be with as much love and attention as your child deserves, so it does take a little while.  But they are worth the wait, I promise!

Happy Monday Friends!!
And because I don't say it enough,
thank you for reading my little ole blog!  :)



Desiree said...

I love these and they are for such a good cause. LOVE THEM!

Nancy said...

Not only are they lovely, for a beautiful cause and just happy to look at... but the verses, as I scrolled down to look and read were encouraging and blessed me today. Thank you for spreading God's word through your craft. Love it!

Unknown said...

I just love the pillows and the one BEN would have been lovely for my son who is 33 today. As I told him this morning when I rang to wish him Happy Birthday. It was Ok saying I had a 10 year old but not so good saying I have a 33 year old but then I always add 'I was a child bride' :)
Take care, keep safe, be happy
Beverley xx

amy jupin said...

so many tears, my friend...
i pray someday i will get to thank you in person.
what a glorious day that will be!
love you!

kath said...

ooh ooh!! I see my Eliana's!! THANK YOU!