Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome to Our Surf Shack

It's been a long time since I've done a before and after...
We just had the exterior of our house painted, including our pool deck, so I thought a tiny spruce up was in order.
Mike is a huge surfer and we spend a lot of time at the beach, so I wanted to give it just a little bit of a beach theme.
Our dream is to have a condo ON the beach one day, but for now we are very grateful to have a pool.
In the summer we spend at least an hour or two at here every day.

I bought this patio set a couple of years ago on sale, and it's still in good condition.  The pillows were disgusting though, and after searching high and low for new ones that would fit, I finally found some at Wal-Mart.

Where are the kids?  :)

Here is where I sit my butt and life-guard.  It's really nice when I have a friend to sit next to me...:)  Usually it's my neighbor and we are able to watch all the kids and get a little sun!

In the evening we have a swim session after dinner sometimes.  I light the citronella candle in the red tub to keep all the mosquitos away.

Of course I wanted to create some original mosaics to put out here, but for now these metal candle holders from Homegoods will work. 

I love the shells in the candle...

My kids think this is funny. 
"Why does it say "beach"?  We aren't at the beach...we are at the pool, why didn't you get one that says "pool"...yada yada yada..."
"Because Mommy likes it!!" 

Oh, I almost forgot the before shots:
After saving our hard-earned pennies last summer we had the whole pool resurfaced and pavers put in.
This was after they had drained the pool and started...looks pretty bad huh? was totally worth it.

Speaking of before-and-after's: remember that one-week challenge I had given myself for my living room?  It has morphed into a much longer project, but I will definitely show you when we're there...

Happy Tuesday!



Nancy said...

I LOVE your red door. My favorite color. I could see myself chilling pool side too. Love your "resort" out back. Dreamy! :)

sarah said...

oh i want to come lay out with you! so fun!

Twinfibers said...

It looks beautiful! I'd love to spend an afternoon there anytime!