Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gratitude tree

I dug this Thanksgiving sign out today and I couldn't find a place to hang it.
I had this thought of putting a chalkboard under it where we could all write different things we were thankful for.
Than I had an idea for a gratitude tree.

I whipped it up very quickly.  I just used large butcher paper to cut out the tree trunk and a basic tree top shape, cut it out, and used scotch tape (which won't damage my walls) and taped it up.
The wall is right in the center of the house so it doesn't get a lot of light (sorry for the akward photos), but it is a great place for it to be.

I used construction paper to cut out leaf shapes.  The kids all took a turn writing on a leaf something that they were grateful for.  We will do this every day until Thanksgiving, and we will have a tree full of gratitude!  :)

10.  friend of all ages
11.  sunlight streaming in the morning with a hot cup of coffee
12.  the privilege of buying my kids new books when they want them
13.  their passion for reading
14.  a dishwasher that makes my day more convenient
15.  having no where that I have to be tomorrow , so I can spend the day at home!



Heather D. said...

This is very sweet. I love it. We could all learn to be more grateful, couldn't we?

Have a great day.

Claire said...

Lovely. I always do a thanksgiving tree in our classroom - good to remember what we are thankful for!