Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Children's Artwork Based on Famous Art (Kadinsky)

I have the pleasure of "being in charge" of our beloved pre-school's art show this year.
I thought I would show you all of the projects as we work on them in case you were looking for new and fresh ideas for kid's art projects.
Even though the projects are being done by pre-schoolers, I think older children would enjoy them as well.  Just vary the level of adult help to fit the child's level.

The theme of the art show this year is "A Night at the Art Museum."
I chose a famous artist and a famous piece of work for each classroom.
This project is based on this very well-known painting by Wassily Kadinsky.
I used it for a three year old class.

Above is Kadinsky's version, below is a three year olds version.  Pretty cool-huh? ;)

Start out by dividing the paper in six sections very lightly with a pencil.
I hung the paper on an easel and the children painted in each box with a different color tempera paint.  I showed them how to outline each box with the paint and then fill them in.  They did a great job!

Next, they were given a large piece of watercolor paper.  I loosely drew eighteen circle of varying sizes and the children painted each circle with watercolor paint.

After they dried, I cut them into circles.  We actually used circle cutters, but you could hand cut them, or if the child is proficient with scissors, they can cut them out by themselves.

I used 3-D pop up foam stickers in between all the circles so they would look three dimensional.  It's hard to see it in the photos, but in real life it looks awesome!

Here's another version.  As the art show nears, we will matte them on black paper. know those colors make me happy!  ;)

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Jodi@ said...

I love this!!!

I used to teach pre-k sunday school and was always on the lookout for fun crafts for class. this would have surely made the cut!