Friday, January 27, 2012

Family Rules

Happy Friday Friends!
It was a busy week around here... I'm hoping for a quieter weekend to play catch-up and do some relaxing!

I used to make A LOT of custom family orders a couple of years ago, and then I got a little burned out on making them.  They are all hand-painted and are pretty time-consuming.  But I recently made one and had so much fun.  I thought I would offer them in my etsy shop again for a little while.

You can custom order the rules, color variety, your family's last name...etc.
I paint and add other dimensions as well, like a little hand embroidery.

It comes on a 16 x 20 canvas, and although you could pop it in frame, I paint the sides as well in case you want to hang it as is.

They are available here.  ;)

Any big plans for the weekend?
It has been 80 degrees here all week and today it is raining, which is kind of nice.
I finally ordered this (I've been wanting it forever) and am hoping to start on it this weekend.

Have a blessed weekend!


rubyslipperz said...

Very rules =)

Your artwork is heart-warmingly whimsical. LUV it!

I got your book today...LUV it too!


Paint Girl Productions said...

I love this . The same rules apply at our house!

Cindy said...

love it!