Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On Being Content When You Want More

I walked around the house yesterday taking shots of things I love...
It led me to feeling a deep sense of gratitude for what I consider the little things...
It's funny how when you start counting your blessings they multiply quickly...

Family, photos of precious moments,  a multitude of books

An excess of toys, a little girl's imagination, a beloved blanket from a beloved friend

A beginning of an art gallery for the kids, crayons, markers, paint, the ability to create

A spot in Our Master Bedroom, the love that resides there, a soft warm bed

Pride to be southern, a sense of humor, a running sink with clean water

My loves: their health, that they are safe and learning and growing and becoming who they are meant to become

A photo of my Dad as a child, the time I had with my Dad, my learned love of reading and writing

My totally unfinished bench, the sunlight pouring in, my paints and brushes, the time I carve out to make something for my home

Crockpot full of white bean chicken chili, food for my family, health and sustenance entering our bodies to nourish us, a time where we can all sit together

A child's bike, a warm day with fresh air, his desire to ride freely, his laughter and pursuit of feeling the wind in his hair

 A little space my husband made me to hang things I love, a husband who supports me, a husband who loves me and gets me

A chance to read new books, a chance to learn new things, literacy in a world where 1 billion people can't read at all

Try it.
Next time you are wanting more
(which is exactly what I was doing)
count your blessings.
Remember to be content with what you have
It will bring you back to the present moment.

Happy Wednesday Friends!  ;)



Beth @ the city said...

it's so true! we easily want more, but we have so much to be grateful for :) love this post!

gssfam said...

WOW! Chrissie you have no idea how I NEEDED this post! God has been dealing with me, with a lot lately and this is one of the issues and it just speaks to's like he said, "see you are not the only one who goes through this, but rest assured I will provide and there is no need for more right now." So powerful this wednesday morning in a way you will never know! Thank you!

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

great post! i needed this reminder this morning

Meredith said...

that was good for my soul, thank you.
thank you also for yesterdays post about Jesus being your Valentine... again good for my soul.
:) Meredith

Artsy Matilda said...

I was listening to Pandora yesterday while I was getting the Chalk Paint orders together in the store. A song came on and the lyrics were something like: when I had little, I wanted a lot. Now I have a lot and I realize how the little things are what count. India Arie (sp?) maybe. Anyway, it was right on this subject matter and I thought about it ALL afternoon, into the evening and ended up with my evening "lesson" on this very subject. Looks like I'm not the only one who is tuning in to such things. Thanks for reading our minds, and supporting our souls, Chrissie! oxox

Nidi FS said...

LOOOOOVED IT :D tks to bring that

faith from within said...

i love you pal!

Happyclam said...

I found your blog on happen stance while searching for multimedia and collage. I find it delightful, encouraging and inspiring as I too am an artist, a mother and a believer. Thank you so much!!!