Monday, November 30, 2009

Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing

Mother and son. Am I the only one who sees the wierd similarities? (head cocked to the left, same way of smiling, looking in the same direction??:)
Are you done giggling at my 4th grade picture? Yes, I'm the one on the left, circa 1984. The year that I sang Madonna's "Like a Virgin" over and over, even though I had no idea what it meant. The year that I wore florescent yellow and pink, wore slinky bracelets all the way up my elbows, and traded my hightops converse at school with someone so we both had mismatched colors.

And that is my Logan on the right. My first-born. My first-born is in fourth grade now? How is that possible? He loves to play baseball, basketball, football, well, any sport. He likes to wear "skater clothes" and play Club Penguin on the computer with his brother. Some of his best friends right now are girls and I hope it stays that way for a long time because I am not ready for any of that girlfriend business. He reminded me last night when we were talking about Advent that he had hope because Jesus had already given him the gift of everlasting life.

Sigh...growing up happens too fast.
I just love that boy so much.


Paul and Cheri said...

Wait until you are looking at a picture of your first born's first born in the 4th grade! It's a whole new and weird feeling!!! I totally see the similarities ... so sweet! Logan ROCKS! Happy Monday, Mom! xoxo

sara's art house said...

Cute, cute, cute! I think I had the same hairdo in 4th grade :)

Hollis said...

First of all, I loved those books when I was in elementary school. I think that you were way cute... and Logan is really cute too! You can totally tell that you two are related!

Anonymous said...

What a nice birthday present from my daughter and grandson! Memories are a true blessing! I love you both the world plus! People always tell Chrissie how much we look alike. I'm 61 today and love to hear people say that! Logan you are the BEST! Love Mimi (X)(O)

Beth said...

i think they should just stop growing. enough already! ;)
ps your pic is fab.