Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Breaking Free

I started a Beth Moore study once and didn't finish it. But taking one (and finishing it) was on my list this year of things I really wanted to do.
I don't think it's a coincedence that this is the one they were offering at church this time: Breaking Free.
I struggled to get to the first meeting this week on Monday morning. It was raining. I had a long weekend and wanted to go home and rest. The house was a mess... yadda yadda. I had plenty of excuses not to go. But I went. And I'm sooooooo glad I did!
Our group leader asked us how many of us almost didn't come? I wasn't the only one. I guess Satan tries as hard as he can to keep us from Jesus. I never thought of it that way.
I've been a little disoriented lately without work. I haven't had any orders since Christmas and I asked God to show me what was next for me. I think He is telling me it is time to be with Him right now.
So I've committed to this bible study. There is 30-45 minutes of homework a day, and it is not light-hearted stuff my friends. It is deep. It is life-altering. It is a study that asks you to give God your heart and your trust, and requires you to probe yourself.
Would you say a little prayer for me? I am going into unknown territory and to tell you the truth, it's a little scary.
Have any of you taken this course before? Will you tell me about your experience?


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Chrissy, you are so right the enemy will try everything to keep us from our destiny. Come by when you're not so busy. I just started a new Bible Study myself on the Bible Study blog, similar to Beths, Freedom in Christ, Victory over the Darkness.
Blessings, and I love your "note"!

Adrienne said...

oh how i loooove beth moore! i hope you can stick with it... know how ya feel.

Julie said...

I am also doing this study right now! I am a week ahead of you - just started the homework for week 2 today! I tried to do this study quite a few years ago and God knew it wasn't the time because now it is the time and it is amazing! Just what God spoke to myheart in week 1 was enough for me so I am excited to experience what he has got for me over the next 12 weeks!! This will also be the first time I finish a beth moore study - thinking positive!!! We have quite a few months ahead of us girlfriend - glad to be in the battle with you!!

Tara said...

I have actually completed about 3 Beth Moore studies, BUT this one I couldn't finish. I guess it wasn't the right time for me either. It really dug up some stuff in me I wasn't ready to deal with. Not sure I will ever finish that one. My favorite was the one about Daniel.

Jen said...

Good for you! keep us posted on how it's going. Sounds like a wonderful study!

lori vliegen said...

i think it's so awesome that you're taking this study, chrissie! i've never taken a beth moore study, but i know people who have and they love they way it's structured....and they love beth herself, too! i've taken several years of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) in the past.....the study that you're doing sounds like it's structured in the same way. i can say from my own experience that it was life-altering; just like our walk with God is a commitment, so is studying His word.... but God will help you with that, for sure! i'll be remembering you in my prayers! hugs, :))

Anonymous said...

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小巨蛋 said...

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kyley said...

I was just thinking about how I wanted to do this Study last night!!! Oh how the Devil does that to us!!!! I will be praying that you are able to do your studying and attend all meetings!! DEFEAT the DEVIL in JESUS name!!!!!!

I was going to ask u..the other day I was sitting here and the heart and wings fell off the painting you did for me last year...can I use hot glue to put it back on..or should i use something else?

Andrea said...

Love your dolls in the last post!

I have done about 5 Beth Moore studies, but not Breaking Free. They were all incredible. Push yourself to get to the study on those kinds of days because it will always be worth it! I got to meet Beth at a restaurant last summer, she is just awesome!

Ruth said...

I have always wanted to do one of the Beth Moore studies but never have. In our area it is hard to find a group that is doing one.


prashant said...

Blessings, and I love your "note"!

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sara said...

reading your post gave me goosebumps.
i'm saying a little prayer for you. i hope your study goes well!

Lindsay Thomas said...

You are definitely not alone! I have done this study and it is so amazing. Just when you think you've had the greatest week of the book, the next one will come and surprise you. Have fun an keep going even if you're not motivated. Just remember that you don't want Satan to win. You're doing a great thing, following God right now. I'll be praying for you!

Painting 4 Him said...

Hi Chrissy, I am so glad you are doing this study. You will be so glad you did. I have done this study 1 1/2 times, unfortunately the second time, my mum got really ill and was hospitalized midway thru. I was just not able to finish it.

The first time though, I felt there was real breakthrough in some hurts from childhood--that I had carried into adulthood. So glad I did it. I remember Satan trying so much-sickness, busyness, and depression to get me to not make time to finish my homework. I kept plugging away, and God met me. May He meet you too, I know he will.

Many blessings, Vic