Wednesday, February 16, 2011

40 Bags,Dave,and Dreams

I tackled the closets this week.  I had started Sarah's 40 bags in 40 days, and this definitely added to the pile.  I didn't take any before photos, because when I get to cleaning and purging I'm not thinking of my camera!  Here's Ava's...we took the closet doors off in all the kids rooms and it has helped with the shortage of space.

 We've had this system in her room now for a couple of years.  When she gets a little older I'd like to get her a beautiful matching bedroom set, but for now this works well instead of a dresser.

 This is my closet.  We have teeny tiny his and hers closets, and they are small!  I organized all my clothes into dresses, pants, jeans, long sleeved shirts and tank tops.  One day I'd love to have all wooden hangers, but for now, these work! 

 Welcome to my mudroom...ha!  We don't have one (another wish list for our dream house), but this is where the kids put their shoes and backpacks after school.  We keep the toys they play with on a daily basis in here too.  I have to clean this closet out once a week.  It gets filled with sand and papers very quickly!

Here's the growing pile in a corner our garage.  I originally was going to donate it all, but now I think I'm going to suck it up and have a garage sale in the spring.  I actually really hate having garage sales, but I am gazelle intense again on the Dave Ramsey program...I've set a goal to finish up our debt by June, so every little bit counts. 

I'm still dreaming and scheming of a larger house with a little land and studio space, but first I have to tackle the rest of our debt and take care of the home we are blessed to own now.

Do you have a lot of long term goals and dreams?  I think they keep us on our toes, keep us motivated and striving for accomplishments.  What do you dream of?

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Karen said...

My friend did the same thing with her children's closets however she used a shower curtain tension rod and made "curtains" to give the closet some privacy. Her children were older and they were very creative with the closet curtains! I read Sarah's blog too and I also love the 40 bags in 40 days idea! AND I LOVE (love love) Dave Ramsey's plan! I have read your blog for about 2 years now I believe. I don't usually comment on blogs EVER but your closet inspired me! Also I really adore your art work and think you are very talented! Thank you for sharing :)