Thursday, March 31, 2011

You Make Me Happy

When I sew sometimes I work in an assembly line fashion...I have fabric cut out for five pillows, but this one took me so long that I didn't get to the others!  It's the pebble cute but time consuming...:)

(You Make Me Happy pillow available here)

Can I tell you a little bit about how my day went yesterday?

*Mr.  Potty Trained went into the bathroom himself to go number two.  He tried to dump his kiddy potty into the big potty but kind of made a mess.  So he decided to clean it up.  The bar of soap didn't work, so he got down the liquid soap.
I guess you could probably imagine the look on my face when I walked into that one!

*I am not a big TV watcher,especially the news.  Usually when the kids are at school I listen to music or enjoy the silence.  So imagine my surprize when I walked across the kitchen yesterday and saw my neighbors play house roof fly off because of the wind?  I screeched like a mad woman..."Everyone in my closet!!!"  There WAS a tornado warning out but I had no idea.
You should see my neighborhood...trees down, pool screens ripped, the whole nine yards.
Today is supposed to be just as bad but at least I know now.  Ha!  Praise God no one was injured...just lost power for a couple of hours.

 I had grand plans to work on rest of the pillows last night so I could show you today, but I decided instead to make popcorn and have movie night with the kids.  I think I love "Tangled" more than they do...:)

Have a great day!
Tomorrow is my last shop update day, so I'm off to do a little work :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gift Sets for Coffee (or tea) Lovers

I had a lot of fun making these gift sets.   They would be nice for Mother's Day but I am making them as teacher appreciation gifts this year...because our teachers rock!  :)
The sets come with three items:  a quilted mug rug, a coordinating coffee cozy, and a 4 1/2" x 5 1/2" greeting card featuring my print "Start Your Morning with God".  If you really love the person, you could throw in a portable coffee cup and a small bag of coffee...:)

Set two available here:

Set three available here:

 Set four available here:

Ok, now I'm off to drink my second cup of coffee this morning.  It is rainy and dreary and I have a little boy who wants to play cars...:)
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Checkbooks Covers

When I started sewing these checkbook covers I couldn't stop.  I have enough fabric cut out to make 10 more...but here are the finished products so far.

You know how happy color makes me...:)  They are all made with beautiful high-quality modern fabrics.
The inside fabrics coordinate with the outside.  They all have messy fabric rosettes on the cover.

 A place where form meets function.  :)
All of them have a very subtle reminder to think about where your money is going...intentional spending is the "Spend Wisely"...

 It's gift-giving season again...Easter, Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation, Spring birthdays...
These are all priced at $12 and would make a very nice gift :)

1.  Blue checkbook made with my special Anna Maria Horner fabrics...available here

 2.  Yummy Spring Flowers...available here

3.  Yellow and brown with a splash of pink...available here

 4.  Spring Polka Dots...available here

5.  Orange Crush...available here

 6.  Yellow Flowers...available here

 7.  Tiny Red Dots...available here

As always, 25% of all proceeds go directly to CBC Seminole, our local foster and adoption agency.
More brand new items coming tomorrow...Stay Tuned!
Thanks for looking!
I hope I'm not annoying my bloggy friends that are not interested in shopping...:)
I promise I'll get back to some normal posting next week.


Monday, March 28, 2011

My Line of "She Said" cards :)

Happy Monday!

Some of you may remember that before I re-opened my etsy shop I sold mostly "She Said" prints.  They were mixed-media collages of women with inspirational quotes that I had written.

Around that time, I took the original prints and turned them into a line of greeting cards.
 Originally, they were intended for a wonderful greeting card company...but long story short, it didn't work out in the end.   I have finally decided to sell the line myself :)

  They measure 4 1/2" x 5 1/2", are blank inside, and come with a matching envelope.  They will come to you sealed in a cellophane bag.
(I have listed titles under each photo)

 "Authentic Life"...available here

"Beautiful and Brilliant"...available here

"Friends"...available here

"Big Dreams"...available here

"Seed of Love"...available here

"Happy Birthday"...available here

"Happy Anniversary"...available here

"Sisters"...available here

"Not a Follower"...available here

"Daughter"...available here

The cards are available to purchase individually, and if you are interested, I am selling the whole series as a set of 10 for a discounted price here.

As always, 25% of all proceeds go directly to CBC Seminole, our local foster and adoption agency. 

More brand new items coming tomorrow...Stay Tuned!

Friday, March 25, 2011


I am busy listing lots and lots of new items for my shop update next week, so I thought I'd do a little sale to make some room.
Proceeds will go to Samaritans Purse again for disaster relief.  :)

White Mosaic Bird on sale here

Swedish Proverb Painting on sale here

Hand-sewn bag on sale here

Multicolored Mosaic bird on sale here

House pillow on sale here

Happy Weekending!
I have SO Many NEW items to show you...
*new prints
*new quilted items
*new pillows

Almost 40 new items for the shop!
I thought I would spread it out over the whole week...
so come back every day to see what I've been doing :)

 This clay rainbow mades me ridiculously happy.  I LOVE kid art!  Crayola air dry clay is awesome!  I buy it by the tub now and my kiddos love it!  It was a great Spring Break activity.

For those of you who asked, Jackson is officially potty-trained.  He is 2 1/2.  Some of you asked how we did it so early...let me just say he is my fourth child to potty train so he was the easiest.  He was ready, which is the most important part.  One of my boys was 3 1/2 before he was ready.  Every child is different.  I didn't use a reward system with m&m's or anything, just a lot of praise.  After 5 days of being diaper free-I did reward him with new underwear and a small toy. 

Anyway...I hope you have a fun-filled weekend.