Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Checkbooks Covers

When I started sewing these checkbook covers I couldn't stop.  I have enough fabric cut out to make 10 more...but here are the finished products so far.

You know how happy color makes me...:)  They are all made with beautiful high-quality modern fabrics.
The inside fabrics coordinate with the outside.  They all have messy fabric rosettes on the cover.

 A place where form meets function.  :)
All of them have a very subtle reminder to think about where your money is going...intentional spending is the "Spend Wisely"...

 It's gift-giving season again...Easter, Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation, Spring birthdays...
These are all priced at $12 and would make a very nice gift :)

1.  Blue checkbook made with my special Anna Maria Horner fabrics...available here

 2.  Yummy Spring Flowers...available here

3.  Yellow and brown with a splash of pink...available here

 4.  Spring Polka Dots...available here

5.  Orange Crush...available here

 6.  Yellow Flowers...available here

 7.  Tiny Red Dots...available here

As always, 25% of all proceeds go directly to CBC Seminole, our local foster and adoption agency.
More brand new items coming tomorrow...Stay Tuned!
Thanks for looking!
I hope I'm not annoying my bloggy friends that are not interested in shopping...:)
I promise I'll get back to some normal posting next week.



Jill said...

LOOOOOOVE!!!! each and every one!!!
how to choose??
Happy day sweet friend!- can't wait to see all the other goodies you have created!
Many Blessings!

Mandy said...

Soooo cute - can you make them for tab top checkbooks?

Appleshoe said...

These are very pretty, but I never carry a check book on me :( I wonder how else they could be used. Take care.

Creatively Content said...

Love the reminder on these!!!!

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I really enjoy your blog!!!