Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Special Announcement :)

Hello all my blogging friends...
I'm afraid many of you won't get a chance to read this, since my hiatus was undetermined.

How are you????  :)

I have been doing well.  Taking time off the blog and closing the shop has been soooooooo good for my creativity.
I feel re-energized.  God has been so good to me.  I am enjoying the process of creating new things and I've had new opportunities come my way...I'm not sure of the future but I have surely enjoyed the last couple of months.

I am back today to share something very special with you.

Some of you may remember my sweet and dear friend Amy Jupin.
When the Jupin family started the process of adopting Davis from Russia, I had the blessing to raise some money with Pillows for Davis.
Here is a recent update from Amy:
"the good news is, davis' family members signed the consents!
the bad news is, his name was misspelled (or not fully written out/hard to tell with the translation) and they will each need to be resigned.
i know.
it's insane.
it's unbelievable.
it is.
but we are still making progress and because of that, we celebrate each and every step.
on top of that news, we are now required to take some very costly training prior to court--the cost just keeps adding up.
so, we are planned another fundraiser for our adoption."
The patience and resiliency and tenaciousness that Amy and her family have astounds me.
The faith that they have in the Lord during this long process inspires me.
So, I had a dream (from God, this I am sure) of this artwork last week.

As soon as I put it together I knew it would be used to help the Jupin's ease some of the financial burdens to BRING DAVIS HOME!!

This piece is 24" high and 14 " across and reads from Isaiah 9:6.
Each one is hand-painted and will be uniquely made due to the variety of wood panel pieces.

This CHRISTmas tree is a very special product to me. 25% of all the proceeds will go directly to the Jupin family adoption fund.

It is my prayer and intention that this piece will remain in your family as a special Christmas decoration for many years to come.

I have re-opened my etsy shop for 10 days only.  It is re-stocked with prints, some handmade pieces, and the Trees!  It is only open for a short time to ensure appropriate delivery for all the holiday items  :)

I hope this email finds you all blessed and enjoying this wonderful time of the year!
I'm totally addicted to instagraming daily @chrissiegrace, so if you are on there please stop in and say hi!