Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ballerina Girl

Hi there Cheri! This one's for you...:)
...and Hi everyone else too! Dance has always been a large part of my life, so I didn't consider it bribery to promise my 2 year old ballet lessons if she stopped wearing pull-ups. She is OFFICIALLY potty-trained (YAY), so I signed her up for dance lessons today. Now get this...her teacher (who will be her first obviously), well, I was her first dance teacher. Does that make sense? It makes me feel old!:)
This ballerina piece will go in Ava's room, but I'm thinking of making lots more. I love the silhouette, and it could have many different themes with different silhouettes. I'm thinking:
  • gymnast
  • soccer player
  • musical instruments (guitar, harp, etc.)
  • baby boy or girl (with binky silhouette)
  • holidays (like a bunny with "Happy Easter" for example)

Ok, you get the drift. Now I only need about 6-8 more hours in the day!

Scroll down and enter the give-away. No, you do not have to have a blog to enter. As long as you have an email address where I can contact you, feel free to leave a comment. Good luck:)


sara said...

Love this! The border is so cute!

Paul and Cheri said...

VERY cool, Chrissie! When I pulled up the site before we could see the words Paul said "she's made that for you, honey" ... then your words came up and there was the proof! This piece is GREAT and of course, perfect for Ava's room! So glad to hear she's going to be a ballerina now that she's a big girl! Having a great time with your new blog - thanks for sharing!xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a beautiful message, so lovely to find this morning.
Love the borders also, totally lovely.
I don't have any art for sale at the moment, I am waiting while I create a theme and a gathering of angels.
Will have another give away around the middle of February, so one of my angels will be ready to fly early,lol!

ko said...

BEAUTIFUL! :) That is so NEAT you are a DANCER! :) I can actually tell a bit! :) I think these will do well in your shop! :) they really are So very pretty..I love the silhouette ..and the border