Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flashback Friday

I love to paint, make collages, mosaic, sew, embroider, cut wood, write, and try anything that is art or craft-related. When I make something I like, I tend to go crazy on it. When I made one of these mini-mosaics/mixed-media collages, I couldn't stop. I made about 20 of them.
I haven't done any mosaics in awhile, but I will be this week. I have 2 special custom orders that are ready to begin. I can't wait to show you...:)
Have a great weekend everyone!


Adrienne said...

"sweet" and "survivor" are my favorites. I'm not a survivor, just support it 110%.

ko said...

that cupcake is PRECIOUS! I WANT I WANT! arent you glad your not my hubby...hehehe! I really would love to learn how to do mosaics.......I have always been so intrigued by it! :) Love ya!

sara said...

I love the cupcake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hideaway Girl said...

They're all great, but my favorite is "love will lead the way". I also like your heart with wings project...I do want to make one.

noodle and lou said...

LOVE them ALL!
Have a great week:):) xoxo...jenn

michelle allen said...

Hi Chrissie!
love your mosiacs! especially sweet on the cupcake :)

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Love the dragonfly and cupcake!! Cute