Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Simple Things

She wasn't a dancer anymore, but the dance steps never left her heart.

You can find her here.

I'm trying to embrace the simple things in life. Checkers with a four year old (over and over and over)...I can actually see the wheels churning:)

My new favorite lunch. A tortilla with melted cheese and avacadoe. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

Cutting and snipping, placing and gluing. Making mosaics outside in the beautiful weather while I watch my kids play is my idea of a great afternoon.

What are the simple things that you enjoy?


ko said...

ok so wierd...that is my favorite lunch too but..a corn tortilla, white mexican crumbly stinky cheese, and avocado...and a pinch of SALT!!! WOW! GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!! HEHE!

Doda said...

Yum, I like the sound of that tortilla with avocado and cheese, and you have managed to put me in the mood for doing a mosaic too - I love how other peoples blogs provide so much inspiration - and make me hungry at the same time!!!

Adrienne said...

hope you'll stop by today. your ballerina inspired the long ago ballerina in me. thanks for the smile. p.s. i tried to leave a comment yesterday but must have missed a click.