Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

I made this last summer, and I loved it so much I thought I would keep it. But I ended up selling it at one of my Fall art shows.
It was mixed-media. Hand-painted, baubles, beads, resin-filled bottle caps, scrapbooking papers, found items, etc...

I'd like to make a whole series of them. They are so much fun!

This is a 16 x 20 painting that I hand-embroidered with beads and emb. floss. I made one similar to it a couple of years ago, sold it, and then made this one to keep. I love it.

This sucker took a loooooong time. Sometimes I love to do all that detailed embroidery, when I need to slow down.

Here's another close-up.
And on another note...
Michelle Allen is having this fabulous giveaway. Isn't it fabulous? Go here to enter. Except I want to win! I love her stuff!
Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks for looking at my "Flashback Friday":)


alyssa said...

you never stop, do you!! i just LOVE this stuff!!

alyssa said...

do you put decoupage over all of that??

A Little Of A Lot said...

Love the Dream Big artwork.

Are you going to do any more 'Sippy cup' pics ? You know, I have dreamt of those ? LOL

Judy Hartman said...

Dream Big is so uplifting and I love the details and the beading! Very inspiring!

Hill upon Hill said...

So bright and colourful, gorgeous.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Wow, you have such great style! I am so glad you came to visit my is such a treat to see your blog and your wonderful creations!