Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I found this very strange bluebird in my tree today.

She's very unique, isn't she?

Upon closer inspections I noticed her pretty blue eyes,

Her very strong heart,

And these words imprinted on her body:
Hearts mend.
Wings heal.
Life moves on.

I have a feeling her friends and family will be joining her soon...;)


Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Oooh, I want one of those! It's fantastic. Nice work, Chrissie!

Nicole A. said...

So beautiful! I love this! Your creations are fabulous!

Beth Anderson said...

swwet - can't wait to see the rest of the family!

Barefoot Studios Ok, LLC said...

I have to have one of these. Will they be in your shop soon? please? =)

sharon said...


Mari said...

Its beautiful!!! I want it!!